Six Virtual Baby Shower Games to Play

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If you're social distancing, here's how to entertain the mother-to-be and your guests.

Game Show Guessing Games

Which game show guessing game do you like? Design a list of questions for a game similar to The Price is Right or Jeopardy that has questions about baby items or the mother or being a parent in general. The host can post the questions on a virtual board and give players a turn to guess the correct answer.


All About Baby Names

A fun game to play would be to have the mother-to-be to list her favorite baby names and have guests guess which ones, or you can have a list of the popular baby names from the year when the mom was born and have people provide a list of which names they think were in the top ten.


Video Message

This is not a game per se, but it can be a nice way to share your thoughts with the mother-to-be. "I'm loving the video creation trend. Try a site like VidHug that makes it so easy to collect videos from your guests (where they can film and share a message to the parents or baby) in advance of the shower, edits together for you and allows you to send a link out after the video out for everyone to watch," says Kertzner. "Run the video during the virtual party (through a screen share which the host can enable) and let everyone enjoy together.

How Many Candies?

Fill a baby bottle or mason jar with Skittles, M&Ms, or other types of small candy. Show guests a photo of the bottle or turn your camera onto it to give guests a good look at it. Then give them until the end of the party to send you their guess of how many candies are in the bottle.


Baby Mad Libs

Have the guests write down the nouns and verbs that they want in a list. Then, show the full mad lib on a shared screen and let guests read the mad libs with their word lists for a chance to laugh about the unexpected results.


Would She Rather?

Another fun virtual baby shower is called Would She Rather. "I also like the idea of games that are easily emailed with a PDF for everyone to print in advance and be ready to play with such as 'Would She Rather' as seen in our blog," Kertzner says. The game shows a list of choices on each side of the paper and guests have to choose which selection that the mother-to-be would choose.

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